Travel Abroad Alone


If you are the kind of person that has dreamed of what it would be like to dive the aqua blue waters of Indonesia, explore Thailand or go shopping in Paris but could never quite find anyone as passionate as you are to go with you then travel abroad alone. Though it may take an independent person with a bag full of curiosity and courage to travel abroad alone, no one really needs a group to venture out and explore a few countries and see what the world has to offer. Here are a couple tips for planning a trip on your own.

Find a travel buddy- Still scared to go alone? Find someone to travel with you. or This is a good place to get to know other people who are serious about going to the same destination you are. You can get to know people make plans, and share the whole trip or partial trip to get your started.

Must haves for your trip- Depending on the destinations you chose to visit; it is a good idea to have a few key items. For less remote destinations invest in an ipad or tablet with a solar power back up. I-pads or tablets are compact, lightweight, and have all the communications you will ever need; phone, e-mail, internet and camera all rolled into one device. It is great for journalizing your trip, keeping in touch back home and surfing the net to coordinate any services you need like Google maps or discount train fares. A solar power backup can be purchased cheaply on The power backup is a good idea to avoid problems with the power plug not fitting into a socket or in case you do not have any access to power.

For those that venture further out into remote locations, its best to invest in a portable Global GPS with solar power recharger or a satellite phone.

Break down any walls – Traveling abroad alone means moving outside of your comfort zone. I learned to get over any uneasy feeling I had toward traveling alone by making an effort to meet people along the way. I make a regular effort to talk to people and ask their opinion on anything from food to sightseeing. Breaking down walls is hard to do at first but gets easier after a little practice. Make an effort to reach out to people, it opens doors for new friends and opportunities.

Travelers insurance- In the event things should not go as planned, it’s a good idea to secure travelers insurance. Even if your current healthcare provider covers you outside of your country, some emergency services are not covered that you may not be aware of. Often the use of emergency vehicles, helicopters or planes should you be injured are not covered outside of your home country. Travelers insurance often include emergency evacuations, or a return flight home, cover lost or stolen property, emergency financial or transportation assistance 24/7

As a single traveler you can never take to many precautions to look out for your own safety. Check all government websites for travel advisories before you leave. Never trust anyone with your personal belongings and keep your baggage secured at all times particularly in hostels. If you always keep your eyes open and develop a good sense of communicating with people around you, your fine, nothing to worry about. Traveling abroad is like riding a bike, once you lose your training wheels the road never ends.


Home Security Advice – Is a Burglar Alarm Alone Enough For Home Protection?


When thinking about home security, many people assume that means burglar alarm systems and nothing more. Alarm systems are a good way to maintain a safe and secure home, but they are only one of many home security tools. An alarm system is only effective when a homeowner also takes some seemingly obvious precautions.

Windows are a common entry point for burglars. They can be the most vulnerable part of your home security system. Homes with poorly constructed or poorly installed windows are inevitably the target of experienced burglars. To know your windows are secure, make sure they have strong glass and properly fitting locks. And remember to lock your windows before you leave the house. An unlocked window is the sure way to waste every dime you spend on an elaborate home security system.

Your doors are the second most vulnerable part of your home security system. They must be constructed of strong, durable materials, secured by tough locks that can’t be forced easily. Dead bolts are great unless the door frame is poorly installed or made of soft, easily damaged lumber.

If you keep a spare key for accidental lock-outs, be absolutely sure to hide it in a place no one would think of. Many a homeowner leaves their spare key on the top of the door frame or under their welcome mat. Big mistake. Be cautious about using fake rocks or yard ornaments as hiding places, too, as every burglar knows that’s why they were created!

One other important tip about keys. Losing your keys is a common and costly mistake, especially when you have your home address or information that might reveal your home address on the key ring.

Some modern homeowners rely on home surveillance systems that allow them to monitor their homes from other locations. These systems are great for recording activity and storing it for later viewing if there is a security breach. They’re particularly valuable for people that travel frequently, since they involve a considerable investment. One point, though, to remember is that the surveillance system that’s not also connected to an alarm system will only be helpful after the fact. It will not prevent the intrusion, though it may help get the intruder arrested later on.

Your dog could be important to your home security as well. Trained guard dogs are very effective at discouraging burglars and vandals. And they’re portable! You can take your guard dog with you for personal protection as well. But remember, a trained guard dog can be expensive, and it may not be safe for your children. Like any dog, you must always be sure to leave plenty of food and fresh water for your guard dog.

You can also rely on less well-trained, but equally imposing large dog breeds to protect your home. It may be the same breed as the formally-trained guard dog, but it’s a family pet whose love for you and your children are you main protection. Good breeds for this purpose include German and Belgian Shepherds, Doberman, Akita, Bouvier des Flandres, Pitt Bull Terrier, Rottweiller, American Bulldog, Mastiff, and Giant Schnauzer.

The pinnacle of the effective home security system is a good burglar alarm. Their great value lies in prevention. The screaming alarm usually scares a burglar away. And most security service companies provide signs and window decals to inform potential intruders that an alarm protects the home. The market offers a wide range of designs, features, and technology in burglar alarms, so you’ll need to know what you need, how much you can afford to pay, and which systems best meet your requirements before you make the purchase.

Remember, though, that even the best and most technologically-advanced home security burglar alarm system will fail if you leave a window unlocked or have low-quality windows and doors. Home security is more than a system. It’s solid construction, durable materials, and homeowner vigilance.


Work From Home – Don’t Go it Alone


Working from home is a dream for most people. Being successful at it is another story. However, if you have the right support, your dream can become a reality. Knowing where to go for that support can be the difference between success and failure when you start a work from home business. Many people today are looking for ways to make money working from home. There are many choices such as data entry and filling out surveys. However, by far, the most lucrative and satisfying work from home career is affiliate marketing.

For those of you who are just beginning your work from home search, affiliate marketing involves making a commission by promoting someone else’s product. There are several ways to do this and some will require some investment of your time to master, like building a website and creating backlinks, blogging and building a list of subscribers. If none of this makes any sense to you, but you are still interested in getting started in affiliate marketing and making money online working from home, then you should consider beginning your career by something called article marketing.

The steps involved with article marketing are:

  • purchase a domain name (from a site like
  • select a product to promote and register with them as an affiliate (check out
  • have your domain name forwarded to the merchant’s page (do this through GoDaddy)
  • write quality content articles on a point or topic related to the product you want to promote. Be sure to include your link to the merchant’s page (EzineArticles is free to join!)
  • submit your article to an article directory like EzineArticles
  • Rinse and Repeat.

Over time, you will have more and more articles on the web with your affiliate link attached to them. Before you know it, someone will run a search looking for an answer to a question that you answered in one of your articles and see your link. When they click on the link and purchase the product you are promoting, you will receive a commission. Some merchants pay 75% of the sale price!

Again, the most profitable affiliate marketers (i.e those folks making 6 and 7 figures!) will build their own websites with opt ins, build lists and even eventually promote their own product. But if you are determined to get started on your affiliate marketing or work from home career today, don’t let all of that dissuade you. Article marketing is a great way to begin and anyone can do it!

So you are not alone on this journey I highly recommend you get advice from those who have gone before you. There are a lot of forums dedicated to affiliate and article marketing online that you can join. Read the posts and add your own asking questions. In no time at all, the pieces will all come together and you will become a successful work at home article marketer.


Summertime Safety Kits for Stay-At-Home Alone Children


Yes!!! Freedom!!! Release the white doves!!! Peace has been achieved!!! No more homework fights, no more rushing kids out the door half dressed, no more weekly triple fill-ups of gasoline for the minivan. Its a shame summer vacation only lasts a few months a year! Although those advantages I just mentioned relieve our stress, the thought of kids being unsupervised and running the neighborhood supercedes the previous stress reduction for many working parents. The reality of today is that our depressed economy is driving the need for dual income parents to meet the bare necessities of life. Its even harder for single parents and we admire you for doing all that you do for your kids.

So how can we be assured that our children are protected and prepared while we are at work during the day? The answer is “Communication and Recreation.” Find a time to sit down and really talk about your expectations for them in your absence. Listen to their worries and concerns and possible fears which they may be hiding from you about being alone. Establish rules of conduct and rewards for when they accomplish those goals. Its amazing how much a simple reward can motivate a child to achieve a goal. When you communicate openly about the rules on having friends over, video game usage, television, household chores etc. there can be no excuses for misunderstandings or failures of behavior. Staying at home alone for pre-teens and teens can be a positive with respect to building a child’s self esteem, sense of responsibility and trust, and overall practical skills of maintaining home cleanliness, washing laundry and preparing food for themselves. What better way to instill these life skills than when they are young and teachable. Remember it doesn’t become a habit until the behavior is duplicated multiple times.

Now for the Recreation… I’m thinking Summertime Safety Kit building. In the same way that many of us have a briefcase or rolling executive bag that we use as we walk out the door each day to begin work, wouldn’t it be cool if our kids had their own individualized safety kit for each day too. It could be a lunch box, tool box, or craft kit that your child can select and decorate to make it seem important and personalized. The art of creativity is slowly being replaced within kids by the world of instant gratification in which we live. What a great way to learn more about your kids creative likes and dislikes than by staying quiet and watching the magic appear. It really is those rare moments when we as parents just watch and listen that we really see how amazing our own kids can be. The safety kit can be decorated with stickers, paint, press-on jewels etc, this could also help them appreciate working within a budget if you give them one to work within.

The content of their Safety Kit could include Emergency Phone Numbers (911, work phone numbers, neighbors phone numbers you trust,etc), How to give directions to your house in case of an emergency (Road names etc), a house key, a small bottle of water, a protein bar, a personal alarm device, a fire escape route for the house, a flashlight, a list of approved people to let in the house, answering the phone protocol so as not to allow the caller know they are alone, Bandaids, and other appropriate simple First Aid supplies. I’m sure you can think of many other great creative additions on your own.

If I had to wrap it up again it all encompasses our company motto of Be Vigilant… Be Smart… Be Prepared. When you are these things life can and does become much easier and stress free. And don’t we all want a little of that?

Take care everybody and have a Great Summer!!

Chadbourn Keith Farriss


Rites of Passage – Home Security Tips For Leaving Children Home Alone


Anyone who’s had children knows that this is a very touchy subject. Perhaps a neighborhood family with whom your family is friendly sends over a child that’s only a year older than your son the next time you ask them for a babysitter. Or maybe your friends with children of a similar age have started leaving their sons and daughters home alone while you’re still calling for a babysitter whenever you want to head out to an adults-only dinner or on date night. There’s not a set age at which your child becomes responsible, so how do you decide when it’s the right time to leave them home alone?

And it’s not just about your leisure time, either. With so many single parents or households where both parents work long hours, it’s often difficult to afford daycare, especially if you have multiple children. If your child has proven they are responsible enough to care for themselves at home alone, that’s a major financial relief. But just because something is a major financial relief, doesn’t mean that you won’t spend the rest of your workday or your first night out without a babysitter at home worrying your head off about your child’s safety.

There’s nothing wrong with worrying, but you don’t need to worry yourself to death. In addition to making sure that your child is mature and responsible enough to be left home alone, there are a great deal of simple home security measures you can take to decrease the chances of needing to rush home early. First, open lines of communication with your child. Are they actually ready to be left home alone, or do they feel pressure from their friends who are already doing it? Make sure you pay close attention to whether or not you think they actually want this responsibility. Next, be sure that you have equipped them with the right information to feel safe. You know the walk-through you do with the babysitter? Consider that you need to do the same thing with your son or daughter. Show them where the important phone numbers are located. Make sure that they know your cell phone and the number of a trusted nearby neighbor by heart. Program emergency contacts into the phone and show them which buttons to push. It’s not micromanaging: it’s taking the right amount of steps to keep your child safe when you’re not there.

It’s also very important to establish what steps around the house should be taken while you’re not there. If you have a home alarm, be sure that your child is taught how to arm it and disarm it. Make sure they know the code for the alarm system, and stress to them that they are under no circumstances to share that code with anyone, not their friends or girlfriend or someone who calls. Speaking of phone calls, if you don’t have call-waiting, stress to your child that they not spend the entire time you’re out of the house on the phone, in case you need to reach them. Also decide whether or not you want them answering the phone. If they’re particularly young or sound very young, it’s important to teach them to say without hesitation that you can’t come to the phone, not that you aren’t home.

After going over these simple steps, you and your child might find that you’re equally relieved at how much less stress there is the next time you head out of the house and they stay at home. And remember, it’s an important step in growing up for children to take on this sort of responsibility. They have to leave the nest sometime, after all.


Tips to Stay Safe When You Are Home Alone


It is very important for those who are  alone  at  home  to remain safe. Since today the level of criminality is increasing, you should pay attention to your home security. At this time, this article is going to give you several tips that will help you to keep yourself protected while you at  home   alone . So, just take a look at the tips below.

The first thing that you should do is to lock the doors and windows. Even when it is the daytime, you have to make sure that your doors are properly locked. It is because the unlocked doors can make the criminals much easier to get into your house. If your doors locked, the intruder will take longer to get into your house so that you can have more time to call the cops or prepare for the safety.

The second thing is to keep the lights on. Just turn on your outside lights and you also have to keep the lights inside your house on.

The third thing is to close the curtains or blinds. If you let your curtains and blinds open, this can allow other people to spy on you and also watch anything you are doing inside. This can be dangerous. Therefore, you should keep them closed so that people will almost be impossible to spy on you.

The fourth thing is to get an alarm system. If you do not have enough budgets to buy one, you can try to get some stickers or any signs that can alert people that you have alarm system.

The fifth thing is to get a dog in your house. The dogs can help you to scare off any unwanted visitors.

Lastly, you should not open the door to any strangers when you are  home   alone . It does not a matter if they look nice or not. You just do not ever do it. If the strangers need to get in touch with you, you can ask them to call, leave you a note, or just ask them to come back at a different time.


Stop Being Home Alone In Your Online Home Business, Social Networking Works!


Having an online  home  business can keep you  home   alone  if you allow it to. You may be able to get a lot of work done when being all by yourself, but in this day and age you need to start social networking in order to become successful.

Brand Yourself

You really need to brand yourself and get known on the world wide web. If you are a newbie, you may say, Why? No one knows me. That is ok, just piggy back off of someone who is already a leader in your field. Use their name to start getting leads, then when you send your leads auto responders, use your name and let them get to know you.

Get on forums and blogs, start commenting on others content. Start doing videos and get yourself a YouTube channel. Making videos may be hard at first, but the more you make the easier it gets. There is even a software out there where you can just use pictures and slides, while talking, you do not have to even be in the video.

If you are really serious about having your online home business a success, then put yourself in the video. People want to see a real person that they are going to do business with. Do not isolate yourself in fear of judgment of others, you are a person just like everyone else. AND you can be a leader just like everyone else.

Attend Seminars

It is also very important to go to seminars and events to network with people in your niche. My company has two seminars every year, to not only teach you the latest in marketing on the internet, but also to network with the top leaders and shake their hand. You find out that they are a real person, just like you.

If your company does not have seminars, then search on the internet for other businesses that are having them. A lot of internet marketing business are having seminars and will allow you to attend. Most of them are just trying to sell you something or get you to join their business, but you still might pick up a gold nugget of information.

If you are struggling at making money in your business, it might be time to change and by attending other business seminars you might find a better online business to be in. Always consider all options and stay in the loop of other top performers in the online home business world.

When you do attend events, make sure you have a business card with your name and email on it, so others can check your business out. And always make sure you get other peoples business cards, especially the top earners. There are a lot of top earners that actually want to help you succeed.

In my company, our top earners have marketing training calls at least four times a week. They even have a motivational call to help you in continuing to want to succeed and not just be  home   alone .

Become A Speaker

Some day with all the knowledge you will have learned and already know, you could possibly be a speaker at one of the events. With your name all over the world wide web, and now speaking at a seminar, could you image how much your business will grow. And did you know that the number one money earner, is a speaker! Not only can you earn top dollar, but you can help others succeed in their business.

It is not just about the money in the internet world if you want to succeed, although that helps, but if you really want to be rich, then you need to help others become successful. The way to do that is to share your knowledge.

Start sharing everything you know through your videos, articles, press releases and also on social networking media sites. Get your name out there as a person who really cares about helping others, stop being  home   alone  in your online  home  business, and watch your business take off like a sky rocket.


Things to Take Care Before Leaving Your Dog Alone at Home


Are you planning to go out on a vacation? Are your planning to leave your dog  alone  for this period? If yes, then be prepared to see some serious behavioral issues in your dog.

Dogs tend to face two major problems –

Firstly it is a physic and emotional discomfort. This is because he knows that he is free, but he is unaware as what is it that he should do and what is it that he shouldn’t. He is also under severe stress as he is afraid of doing anything that might get him a punishment.

Secondly he faces a problem of loneliness. A dog is used to being around people or, other dogs. So when he is suddenly left along without anybody around, he starts feeling lonely.

So what is it that you can do to get your dog acquainted with staying  alone ? Well, this will entirely depend upon the age of your dog.

If your dog is small, then your need to be a bit more cautious. The first thing to do is to get him familiarized with his surroundings and environment. In case your plan is to leave your dog for the entire day, then you should ensure that you have made available enough water for him. It is also recommended that you spread paper all over the room or, the most part of it. This is because small dogs have a tendency of satisfying their physiological needs every 2-3 hours. One thing that you should bear in mind is to not lock him in his small house without access to enough water. You can always put him into a small room like the kitchen, in case you do not want to leave him in your drawing room.

You can get somebody to come to your home and walk your dogs. In this way, your dog will keep meeting other people and dogs around and will help shed the loneliness that he might experience when he is  alone .

When the dogs are small, it is always recommended that we spend a few hours of the day with the dog. We should also introduce him to as many friends and neighbours as possible, till he turns 7-12 weeks. This helps the dogs to understand and get acquainted with different situations.

If your dog is an adult, then the job is easy. If you have inculcated a habit in your dog, like feeding him once a day or, walking him in the morning or, the evening only, then leaving him for an entire day will not be a problem at all. You can feed him when you are back in the evening and you can take him for a walk after you have come home or, before leaving home. You need to be cautious only if you are out of the house for more than 8 hours. You dog has a schedule and the schedule will normally be in a span of 8 hours. In such a situation, you will have to get somebody to come to your house and walk him or, feed him.

It is not advisable to leave your dog if you are planning to go out on a vacation. If possible, you can take him along with you. Else you can get someone to take care of him for the time that you are out.

A little extra care can go a long way with you dogs. If you are busy throughout the week, then spend some time with him in the weekends and holidays. It is very easy to correct behavioral issues in dogs if you can spend some time with your dog.


How to Be Happy When You Are Alone


Many people cannot stand to be alone. They feel lonely without others being with them. They do not know what to do with themselves when they are alone. While it is important to be people centered, there are advantages to being alone. You can do what you want to when you want to, the way you want to. This is how to be

happy when you are alone.

It is nice to be with people, but you have to respect the wishes of those around you. We all have ways that can be annoying to others. This is one thing that can cause difficulties in the home. To have peace in the family we have to make concessions that we don’t have to if alone.

It often comes down to the point of feeling incomplete if we are alone. Most of us have an inferiority complex and need others to bolster our ego.

The trouble is that others may not want to be depended on to make us feel comfortable. They may need us to make them to feel complete. We are each responsible for our own happiness.

It is vital that we examine our inner being and discover who we really are. We should find our likes and dislikes, what we enjoy doing and do well, find what is difficult for us. We have to except our self for what we are, weaknesses as well as strengths. This will help us feel complete, without some else around. This is how to be happy when you are alone.

There is always something to do around the house, and when we are busy, we shouldn’t need others around. Most of us have hobbies that we love to do and our spouse and children may not like us to do them while they are around. When we are alone, we can do what we feel like without annoying others. This is how to be happy when you are alone.

We all need family and friends and some of us are as passionate about what we do as we are about who we love. Whatever our orientation is we should be comfortable about who and what we are. We should have faith in our own abilities. That is why it is so important to discover and develop our God-given abilities.

Those who do not believe in God become their own god and therefore are all responsible for what happens to them. No one should have that weight on them.

Christians know they have someone bigger than they are to look out for them. We control our own destiny by being obedient to our Creator.

Life is more about pursuing our goals than reaching them. When we reach one goal, we head toward the next one. We should learn to enjoy the journey between them. We should be content whether alone or with loved ones.

Christians are never alone because the Spirit of God and Christ lives within them.

It is possible to be in a crowd and feel more alone than being home alone. It is possible to have joy when in a state of chaos because we know that God has always bailed us out of trouble and is not about to quit now. Happiness and contentment is determined by our attitude. We have to stay positive and concentrate on the solution instead of the obstacles.


Understanding Loneliness and Being Alone


Have you ever felt lonely? It doesn’t feel so good does it? You feel separated from others both physically and mentally. Because you do not have to be alone to feel lonely. You can be surrounded by others, yet anything they say or do does not matter. It’s like they’ve ceased to exist. If your loneliness continues for just a little while you can end up feeling helpless, isolated and despairing. It is easy to start to believe that you will always feel this way, believing you have no control of the situation or how you are feeling. From here a person can go on to develop depression. Taken to the extreme, loneliness can even result in suicide, since all hope of improvement is lost.

Loneliness can happen to anyone in any circumstance. You can live in a highly populated area or a sparsely populated one. You can live alone or with an extended family. Working alone from home or a busy office. Having said this there are certain situations that have been shown to exacerbate loneliness. Sudden, dramatic changes including unemployment, the loss of a partner, illness and entering motherhood can all bring on loneliness. A person is faced with a new way of living that is deemed different to the majority. Being a minority can be particularly difficult, as it can make a person feel different. In fact some research has shown that unemployed people in a high area of unemployment were happier than those who lived where there was very little unemployment. Experiencing ongoing stress can cause loneliness. Imagine working for a boss who is not understanding of your pressures, then going home to a partner who doesn’t want to hear about it. Work issues can be a problem and in particular, workplace bullying can leave a person feeling isolated and lonely.

Why being alone should not be a lonely thing

If you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company. Jean-Paul Sartre

It is easy to assume that when a person is alone they are lonely. It’s as though the two go hand in hand. They don’t. Being alone brings its benefits and therefore you will want to ensure you love your own company. Spending time alone can be a great way to recharge your batteries and it can also be good for your self-esteem and confidence. Self-acceptance is an important component of self-confidence. Let’s face it, if you are going to spend time just with you, you really want to accept who you are.

The extent to which you enjoy being alone will be influenced by your personality. Extraverts may struggle being with themselves more than introverts. However, you should not fear this time. It is an opportunity to listen to yourself and discover your likes and dislikes. Furthermore, quiet time alone may help you appreciate that any harsh criticisms that arise are coming from within you. You cannot blame another as they aren’t there.

Of course being alone does not just have to be in the physical sense. Sometimes we are alone in opinion. The same rule applies however. Going it alone will do wonders for your self-belief.

Working through loneliness

What follows are tips and suggestions to help you get through times of loneliness. If you take the steps to try just a few of these ideas, with time you will no longer feel so lonely.

How you think has a massive impact on how you subsequently feel. Take the time to get to know some of your thought patterns. For example, do you ever say the following to yourself?

Everybody hates me.

I’m always alone.

I must always be in a relationship, else I am a failure.

Everybody else is out with friends right now.

  • Your aim is to challenge these thought patterns. Are they really true? Be honest and look at the facts objectively. Your thoughts and feelings can easily become removed from reality, which adds to your loneliness.
  • Discover optimism. Two points about optimists. First they expect good things to continue and are not due to chance or lucky circumstances. The second, most important point here is that they expect bad things to be temporary. Yes bad things happen to optimists too, but they don’t let them de-rail them and know they will bounce back. Apply this idea to loneliness and you will soon realise that you may feel lonely today, but you will feel better tomorrow.
  • Boost your energy levels. Exercise especially is a fantastic mood and energy booster. If you want to be surrounded by like-minded people, do join a class. Make sure to choose something you enjoy.
  • Send an email or phone a friend. When you feel lonely it is easy to expect people to come to you. However, if we all felt like that, how would people ever connect up with each other? If you use Facebook take a moment to drop by a few friends profiles and say hi. If they don’t respond, don’t take it personally.
  • Know your strengths. Take the time to get to know the things you are good at, then take the steps to use them in your life. Focusing on your virtues will help put a halt to your dark thoughts.
  • Know your personality. Introverts enjoy spending time alone, but may not feel it is okay, due to the pressure of an extrovert dominated world. Extraverts can use their natural sociability to connect with others.
  • Volunteer. If you find you have time on your hands and are often home alone, consider volunteering. It doesn’t have to be much time each week but this act can rid you of your loneliness and give your wellbeing a massive boost. Research suggests volunteers are a happy bunch of people.
  • Get involved with something that interests you. You could go to a class, or just participate in an online forum.
  • Set yourself achievable goals. Personal achievements can help you feel great about yourself. You end up so focused on your projects, you haven’t got time to think about whether you feel lonely.
  • Get yourself a pet and enjoy spending time with it. You can also use your pet to enhance social activities. A dog is an obvious example, as you need to take them on daily walks and will probably meet others doing the same thing. You could also get involved with shows or specialist clubs for your particular animal.
  • Do something warming. Have a hot drink, run a hot bath or turn up the heating. University of Toronto research shows this small step reduced feelings of isolation and social exclusion.
  • Get support when you need it. Never be afraid to reach out to others. Whether it is from a friend, family member or a professional support agency. It is always a good step to take and could prevent a lot of misery.

Being okay being alone

Feelings of loneliness when you are alone can easily be tied up with boredom. Imagine Sunday afternoon, your partner is away, you are alone in the house and have nothing to do. You are bored and start to feel lonely as you are struggling to entertain yourself. Well before it gets to this, compile a list of things to do that you know occupy your mind. Things you enjoy doing, things you want to try, books you want to read, skills you want to improve and tasks you want to accomplish. Hopefully you have some interesting goals – remember to include these. Just keep writing. Come up with as many things as possible. Then when you find yourself alone, before it becomes loneliness, grab your list, pick something that draws your attention and have a great afternoon.

Step out of your comfort zone and do things alone that you assume you will not enjoy simply because you believe you have to be with others to get the most from it. Try taking a trip out. It can be as planned as you like. Just know you get to choose where you want to go, when you will stop for breaks, where and when you will eat, when to come home again. Nobody to answer to but yourself.

Things to do alone

Read, listen to music, crafts, computer games, write a book, cook, tai chi, yoga, meditation, exercise. In fact much of these are best done alone to get maximum appreciation from them.